Restylane is a product used all over the world for facial contouring, lip enlargements and for the treatment of skin grooves, such as scars and wrinkles.

Restylane is composed of hyaluronic acid, a submucosal substance which occurs naturally in the skin and has strong water-retaining properties, giving the skin volume. Restylane was developed by Swedish scientists and was launched in 1996 by the company Q-Med as a Swedish invention. Today the substance is sold throughout the world and has been used in hundreds of thousands of treatments. Akademikliniken recommends and uses Q-Med’s Restylane products.

Today, Restylane exists in several different applications with one thing in common: the substance is broken down gradually by the body. It adapts to the skin, so that oxygen, nutrients and hormones can pass through it naturally. This means you should have the treatment a few times a year in order to achieve maximum effect.

Akademikliniken always recommends this type of substance rather than non-resorbent substances with permanent results. The reason for this is trying to avoid situations where it becomes necessary to remove surgically injected materials, which can cause scarring.

Akademikliniken uses the following Restylane preparations:

Restylane Vital is used for skin rejuvenation and is particularly suitable for thin, wrinkled skin; dark circles around the eyes; in addition to the throat, the back of the hand and the neckline.

Restylane Touch is suitable for fine lines around the eyes and mouth and also the throat and forehead.

Restylane Perlane removes wrinkles and grooves between the eye brows, and between the nose and the mouth, including laughter lines. It can also be used to treat scars and acne scars, re-shaping the nose, contouring the face and enlarging lips.

Restylane Sub-Q is the most suitable product for facial contouring.

Restylane Lipp has been developed especially for lip re-shaping and augmentation.

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