Tightening surgery

Some women suffer fractured or stretched pelvic floor muscles and vaginas after one or several births. This can lead to incontinence and some women also feel that they have changed and become so stretched that it has a negative impact on their sex lives. This procedure is designed to reconstruct and recreate previous conditions as far as possible.

During the first consultation the surgeon discusses any urological and sexual problems which should be investigated by an urologist or a gynaecologist. The vagina and the pelvic floor muscles are examined.

The procedure is conducted under general anaesthetic. During the operation a part of the vaginal wall at the back is removed, the pelvic floor muscles are sewn together as well as the mucous membranes of the vagina. Recovery is normally quick, but the patient may need painkillers in the first week. After a couple of weeks the discomfort and tension gradually disappear. Normally, sexual relations can be resumed after a month.