Labial surgery

Many women are bothered by irregularities in the appearance of their labia. The most common irregularity is that the inner labia are too big. If these protrude far beyond the outer labia, there is a risk of chafing and they are also aesthetically less appealing. Surgery is needed to reduce the size of the inner labia.

Labial surgery is always done under general anaesthetic. The stitches used after the operation are dissolved by the body, so there is no need for unpleasant physical removal in this delicate area.

Recovery is normally quick and easy. There is no need for bandages and it suffices to wash the area thoroughly with a hand-held shower. A burning or unpleasant feeling may be present but in general there is no need for painkillers. Three or four weeks later sexual relations can be resumed, while exercising certain caution.

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