Cellulite treatment

VelaShape is the latest technique used to treat cellulite and is the world’s first system for fat reduction that has received the approval of the Food and Drugs Administration. Akademikliniken is the first practice in Scandinavia to offer this treatment.

VelaShape both reduces fat and removes cellulite, according to documented studies. A patented four-step technology consisting of infrared light, radio frequencies that penetrate two centimetres, vacuum suction and massage reduces fat cells and makes the skin surface smoother and more even.

It takes 4-6 treatments weekly to acquire the desired result. Any skin type can be treated, all year round. Each treatment takes between 20-60 minutes depending on the area treated.

VelaShape may only be used by clinics where there are doctors, and the patient’s BMI must be below 30. No anaesthesia or convalescence is needed.

Please contact us to book your consultation with one of our counsellor nurses.