What happens during a consultation?
During a consultation you will first meet a patient coordinator (a specially trained nurse) and then one of the clinic’s plastic surgeons, giving you the maximum amount of information.

During the visit the doctor ascertains whether it is possible to go through with the requested procedure, and gives you an idea about the costs involved. You will also be informed about possible complications that may arise, the anaesthetic method used and possible recovery period after the procedure, and what to do after the operation once you have returned home. The status of your health, possible medications, etc., will be discussed and if needed the clinic’s anaesthetist will be involved.

It is good to bring a check list so that all your questions are answered, making you feel as safe and well-informed as possible.
In the case of facial surgery a computer simulation may be done, to act as a topic of discussion between doctor and patient and ensure they have the same goal in mind. The simulation is not a guarantee of an exact result. A doctor always has the right to refuse an operation if the patient won’t benefit enough from it, since an operation carries with it a certain amount of discomfort plus costs, or if the patient’s expectations are unrealistic.

How long is the waiting time before an operation?
− On average the waiting time is between two to three months including consultation and operation, but it varies according to the nature of the procedure.

Who is the best doctor?
−All our plastic surgeons are specialists with plenty of training and experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. However, surgeons sometimes specialise in particular areas. If you book your appointment via our reception, they will help you find the right doctor depending on the procedure in question. You can also contact our patient advisor and ask.

Is the operation painful?
−No. All types of anaesthesia are individually adapted according to the patient’s needs, in collaboration with the clinic’s anaesthetist. After the operation you will receive instructions about pain relief, if any.

Can I have an operation before I am 18?
− You must bring your guardian with you to the consultation and have the guardian consent to the operation.

Am I perhaps too old for an operation?
−Your age matters less. Your health is crucial.

Will I receive a prescription for pain relief at home, before my operation?
−No, but after your procedure and when you are ready to go home, you will receive painkillers to take for the first few days, and possibly a prescription for medication to be taken for a limited time.

Should I take antibiotics after my operation?
−Not necessarily. Antibiotics will be given during the operation. Those who need more will receive a prescription before they leave.

Can I get sick leave after my operation or do I need to take it out of my holiday?
− You have the right to sick leave, but it depends on the procedure you’ve had. Speak to the counsellor nurse during your consultation or the doctor when you arrive for your operation.

Can I pay for my operation by instalments?
− The operation must be paid for in full two weeks before the procedure.
If you are interested in an instalment plan, we do collaborate with Human Finans. As the patient you must apply for credit yourself, and you can do this online at www.humanfinans.se or call 0046 8 560 201 15.

How do I know which clinic to choose when I have decided on a procedure?
−Read up on the clinics online and compare them. Find out what is included in the operation costs. Stick to large, trustworthy clinics that offer safe back-up after the procedure.

Can the prosthesis break after a breast enlargement?
−No, the prostheses used today can’t break or crack unless you have an accident or if there is direct impact to the breast. They last a lifetime and do not need to be replaced. Read more about breast enlargements.

What is capsular contraction warranty?
− After a breast enlargement a so-called capsular contraction may form, which necessitates another operation. As a patient you have the possibility of insuring yourself against the costs of this operation, where the warranty covers all costs (both the cost of the operation and the anaesthetic). The warranty is only valid for the implants used in the original operation at Akademikliniken. The warranty costs
5,000 SEK and is valid for five years, and is to be taken out at the very latest on the same day of the operation.

If I have a capsular contraction warranty, does it mean I won’t get capsular contraction?
−No, it does not. What the warranty covers is the costs of a possible capsular contraction operation. The warranty covers the original operation and is valid for five years. A precondition for taking out the warranty is that you haven’t already had an operation and breast prostheses when you come to us.

How long does the healing process take?
−With certain procedures it may take up to six months before the swelling subsides. Larger procedures may take up to a year. Our biological healing process is highly individual.

Will I regain feeling in the area?
− Normally, yes. A temporary loss of sensation is unavoidable.

I want the results of the procedure to be guaranteed, is this possible?
− It is not possible to guarantee the outcome of a procedure. Medicine and surgery are not exact sciences. No matter what, an operation always carries a certain risk. A good result much depends on the patient following the instructions given.

Will I receive a computer image at the consultation?
−Yes, we do a so-called computer simulation (mostly as a tool for facial surgery). However, this image is not a guarantee of the actual result, but more an object of discussion to ensure that patient and doctor have the same goal in mind for the operation.

I am allergic to many foods and I have to stay overnight, will there be food for me?
- Absolutely. Let us know when you book a date for the operation so that staff can prepare for this.

Can my husband/wife stay the night in my room after the operation?
- No, unfortunately not. As with all operations there may be an emergency and then staff will need to access your room. You, as the patient, also need calm and rest after a procedure. Staff can recommend nearby accommodation for relatives.

What happens if I fall ill just before an operation that I have booked?
− If you become acutely ill, for instance the day before an operation that has been booked, you must contact the clinic and inform them about your condition. You must always get a doctor’s certificate to corroborate this. We will fix a different date for your operation when you are well again. Since you have paid for the operation, Akademikliniken normally retains these fees until the operation has been carried out. However, if your illness requires a longer waiting period, your fees will be returned to you in the meantime. Your journal and other documents will be archived until a new operation is scheduled.

If there are more than 21 days left until your operation you must call and report your illness and send us a doctor’s certificate to corroborate it. We will then look for another suitable date. Your journal and other documents will be archived in the meantime.

Can I have an operation even though I am unwell?
− All patients are individually assessed. When you arrive, we will go through the status of your health, any illnesses and medications in detail. This is then assessed by the anaesthetist in charge, in collaboration with a surgeon.

Why must the surgery agreement be returned 21 days before surgery?
− This is the time we need to make sure that the right staff and an anaesthetist are present during your operation.

What should I do after an operation if I am feeling unwell or if I suspect that something is wrong?
− During the day you call the clinic’s switch board and explain your situation. You will always be able to see a nurse promptly if you are worried about something. After a procedure you will always be given a card with details of your next visit and the phone number of the surgeon in charge. You can call this number in the evening if you cannot wait until the next day.

Will I be on my own if I stay the night?
− No. Trained nurses are always at hand, plus a doctor on call.

Can I have tooth whitening or an injection treatment done at the same time as an operation?
− Absolutely. Most treatments at the clinic can be combined.