General dental care

The most common reason for not going to the dentist is fear. There are many ways of making the visit as painless as possible. Akademikliniken offers a comfortable and calm atmosphere as a first step. We also have the unique possibility of offering a painless treatment using either local or general anaesthetic.

During the introductory visit, there is a clinical examination and X-rays are done. In some cases we also do imprints for dental models. Above all we listen to you and answer your questions.

In straightforward cases we suggest a treatment immediately, but if your case is more complex you will need to come back so that we can present you with a complete treatment suggestion. Together we go through different treatment possibilities and try to accommodate your wishes. When the treatment entails significant change, we aim to give you the opportunity to try out your new look before treatment commences. It is vital that you receive detailed information about costs, possible waiting times and the length of the treatment.

If you choose to go ahead with the treatment we help you schedule its implementation.