Dental care

Akademikliniken Dental focuses on aesthetic dental care, but we also provide general dental care. We can offer a comfortable, calm atmosphere and the unique possibility of a completely painless treatment using everything from local to general anaesthesia.

The term ”aesthetic dental care” applies to a field within dental care that aims to improve patients’ smiles and oral health. A beautiful smile contributes to our confidence and plays a very central role in how others perceive us. Using today’s technology and our expertise, significant alterations can be made to achieve this.

Because we are a part of Akademikliniken, we offer unique, holistic care and an expertise which sets us apart from other clinics. Our rooms are modern and fresh and equipped with the latest tools in dental technology. As members of SACD (Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) and AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), we are constantly updated on the latest developments in aesthetic dental care.