Your safety

Our one most important objective is satisfied patients. To this end, we focus intensely on furthering our expertise and training at all times. We also do our utmost to ensure that our patients feel happy by providing you with all the information and guidelines you need. We have also produced a special package to make sure our patients receive the best possible care.



Our security package

- Akademikliniken offers available doctor’s expertise 365 days of the year. We never close, like many other clinics, for vacations or weekends. Instead there is always a doctor and medical personnel available on site, or on call. You can always meet with a competent doctor who is familiar with your situation.

- Every newly operated patient receives a direct phone number to his or her surgeon, who is on call 24 hours a day. There is also a constant state of readiness for surgeons, an anesthetician and other operating staff for any possible critical operations.

- All of our patients have the possibility of receiving a broader assessment in complicated or unusual cases. This is done at our internal clinic conferences where all surgeons take part and the possibility of discussing cases and making suggestions based on vast experience of both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

- Possible corrections are normally made without any added cost for patients of Akademikliniken, as opposed to clinics that perform corrections at cost price or with discounts.

- Possible acute reoperations are performed without at no cost to the patient.

- In the case of medical problems the patient may stay overnight, if necessary, even in the case of minor surgical procedures that have been planned for daytime surgery, since our treatment department (vårdavdelning) is open around the clock.