Beauty Through Science

In 2002 Akademikliniken had its first international symposium, this was a relatively small meeting focusing on breast implant surgery. Thanks to very good response and demand for more meetings we have been stimulated to continue with these symposiums, which now have grown to become the largest aesthetic medicine meeting in Scandinavia. Even if aesthetic breast surgery still is a central part of the meeting we now also focus on many other parts of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. In a 10-year period the number of participants have increased from 150 to 700 from more than 40 countries.  This in combination with excellent support from the industry makes it possible to invite and host a well-known and large faculty of experts, obviously a prerequisite for a high scientific standard and success of the meeting.

In the last decade aesthetic plastic surgery has undergone dramatic changes. Companies in the pharmaceutical and med-tech field have developed many new innovations. Thus medical practitioners must have much larger knowledgebase than before.  For surgeons it is no longer enough to only consider surgery during a consultation. Expertise in several areas besides surgery is needed and education is of paramount importance. The demand for education and international symposia’s has constantly increased.

Beauty Through Science
In 2013 we will hope to demonstrate and report on experiences of a not yet clinically tested but, in extensive animal testing, very promising new breast implant.  We have also planned to expand the facial aesthetic section of the meeting and to add a large section on news in body contouring surgery. Covered in this section will also be the treatment of the post bariatric patient.  By many this is expected to develop into a “tsunami” of surgical demands in the future.

In 2013 the meeting will for the second time be held at the new Stockholm Waterfront Conference Centre. We have selected the end of May for our meeting as Stockholm usually shows itself from its best side this time of the year. As in previous meetings we will also organise a number of social activities that in previously years have been very appreciated. We hope that you will take your valuable time to come to Stockholm for this meeting and would like to welcome you to the ninth BTS meeting in Stockholm May 29-31th 2013.

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